Inspired by my sons, Raphael and Rio, Raphio Chocolate was born from a desire to promote healthy real chocolates to other parents or anyone, for that matter, so their children or loved ones can also enjoy pure dark chocolate. Not candy, just healthy. My mission is to make and sell only what I prefer to feed to my own children.

I was introduced to craft chocolate by my husband back in 2014. The simplicity of the ingredients used to make this real chocolate is what keeps me believing that food is the healthiest when they are minimally processed. And that’s what I do: make chocolate from scratch, from cacao beans to goodness.

While keeping the health benefits on top of the list, I am also excited to introduce and educate a lot of my customers the richness of flavors of real chocolate. Single origin bean-to-bar chocolate is so fun to explore. Everybody has different palate, but most people should be able to taste the significantly different notes that come from the cacao beans from different origins – easier to pinpoint than coffee or wine.

Like coffee and wine, the geographic location, latitude, growing conditions, such as soil, altitude, climate, rainfall, sun exposure, shade trees and many other factors, they all play a big role in affecting the flavors that the cacao trees pick up. These trees yield beautiful fruits, known as cacao pods, which seeds are collected, fermented and dried. The final products that are exported out of these cacao producing countries are the cacao beans, the main ingredient of our chocolate.

Cacao Tree

Cacao Fruits/Pods

Fresh Open Cacao Pods



I hope to one day meet you in person in a farmers market or my factory, so I can show you how I make my craft chocolate – let you touch the real cacao beans, smell the nibs, taste the chocolate from stone grinders and sample all different chocolates from different countries of origin.


With Love,

Elisia Otavi